I moved frozen food commodities for the better part of 6 years. I spent numerous hours scheduling freight or using brokers. I had drums of product probed, trodden on by dogs, product thawed and refrozen, product arrive fermenting, and numerous other mishaps.

Since I started my own used equipment business 10+ years ago, I used a couple of brokers with no consistent result. One trucker refused to tarp his load although the paperwork clearly called for it. The electronic controls were drenched but, fortunately, the machine still functioned. The broker tried to blame me for it and took no responsibility for the load.

Shawn was referred to me in 2012. I have been using Shawn exclusively since that time. He ships 20+ loads for me a year, in my estimate, sometimes less, sometimes more.

Shawn is an excellent broker; I will not use another. Shawn handles all the paperwork, contacts my buyers and sellers to work out details, follows up on ALL my loads, and, most importantly, is available. He answers his phone 7 days a week and if I have to leave a message, he calls me back promptly.

Shawn takes all my bad lanes and makes it happen!! I have never had a load, big or small, or a destination that Shawn could not handle. Bottom Line: Shawn Shumate is the da’ man! He gets it done!!!


Eagle Rock has been great to work with on our freight solutions for my company. They are always available and reliable with outstanding service!!!
Troy G.

Eagle Rock has been my go-to broker for more than 4 years. If I need to move one of our pieces of equipment, I know I can count on them to get the job done and done for the right price! We are able to provide shipping at a great price for our customers because of them.  They communicate quickly, and are always on top of things. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them for your shipping needs!
Sarah O.

Thank you Eagle Rock; your team is highly professional.  Having you broker our freight needs is an asset to my business.  You consistently come thru on covering our loads, quickly and economically.  It is a pleasure to partner with you.
Jim G.

Hauling ASTM steel pipe belly wrapped with straps 16 pieces of 4x4x8 dunnage and 4ft pipe stakes.

Hauling a 110 ft long (33.3 meters) Concrete Bridge girder using steerables @ 145,000 lbs.

Winch assembly & sheave blocks, before and after tarp

Crawler crane project: Hauling a CK 2750-G. The house and gantry weighed 105,000.

Crawler tracks @ 53k each on flats or steps

Boom sections, Jib and boom butt, counterweights all had padding and straps only so the paint was not scratched

40ft fabricated module on extendable double drop

Dump Bodies loaded on a 53ft Step Deck